Weekend Reading — Where's my car?

Weekend Reading — Where's my car?


Tech Stuff

sjvn “Where's my car!?” Basically a webapp extension for taking screenshots, adding annotations, replaying sesssion, etc. Reports bugs to Jira, Trello, Asana, Github. This is for the benefit of getting better feedback from other team members, not designed for end users.

mikesmallhelp/wacat Imagine, you leave your computer for a while and go to pick up a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, your cat walks over your keyboard and causes some chaos. Wacat does that as a tool that uses cat chaos to test web applications!

40 years since the launch of the legendary game Elite Happy 40th birthday to one of the most imaginative games ever, that squeezed 3D performance out of 2MHz 6502, and could fit in 22KBs of memory!

GeriAQuin “Early tech support …”

What Progressive Web Apps Can Do Today A great demo of all the stuff possible right now in a web browser, no native app BS necessary.

console.delight The weird and delightful things you can do with console.log.

Glide Data Grid A React data grid with TypeScript support that can handle tons of data. You can try it yourself on the project’s home page

Matthew Martin

Therapist: And what do we do when we feel overwhelmed?
Me: Create a new empty repo in git?
Therapist: No

Unseen images of code breaking computer that helped win WW2 Another blast from the past, GCHQ releases previously secret/hidden pictures of Colossus, an early computer that cracked the German Enigma.

Murray GM “I feel like this should be plastered across every laptop and computer. Maybe in the form of a void if removed label.”

Eye for Design Create amazing mockups in seconds.

Memory Recognition and Recall in User Interfaces

Recalling items from scratch is harder than recognizing the correct option in a list of choices because the extra context helps users retrieve information from memory.

How to build a strategy, not a roadmap This is all about creating an effective design system strategy (save the roadmap for someone else).

58 rules for beautiful UI design

Crafted to be your ultimate roadmap in the journey of UI design. Whether you are a seasoned designer looking to refresh your approach or a novice eager to learn the ropes, these rules are tailored to…

Designing better target sizes Detailed and interactive guide to designing better target sizes on the web.

LogoFast This is a pretty cool tool that helps you create a logo in a matter of minutes. (If you’re a UI designer, then ignore this link, not it’s not meant for you.)

Business Side

Workers are filming their layoffs, then posting them to TikTok. What could go wrong?

"The public sharing of layoff experiences on platforms like TikTok reflects a shift towards greater transparency and a desire to share personal stories in a digital world," says Sharghi. "It also underscores the emotional and professional impact of corporate decisions on individuals. It's one thing to talk about being laid off – it's another to experience it with the person being impacted as it's happening to them in real-time.“

This TikTok made a lot of headlines last week. I think Cloudflare proved itself as a company you don't want to work for.

Remote Work Doesn’t Seem to Affect Productivity, San Francisco Fed Study Finds TL;DR
— San Francisco Fed economists don’t see evidence of correlation
— About 30% of paid workdays were still remote as of end of 2023

(Saved you a click, because it’s a Bloomberg article, so paywalled if you decide to read it in full)

Lauren Weinstein

Unsubstantiated rumor: In addition to mass layoffs, Gogle is selling an "o" to the highest bidder to save money.

Half of recent US inflation due to high corporate profits, report finds It seems like the vibcession is over, the stock market is breaking new records, and so people are wising up about what the “inflation” really is.

Fujitsu bugs that sent innocent people to prison were known “from the start”

"All the bugs and errors have been known at one level or not, for many, many years. Right from the very start of deployment of the system, there were bugs and errors and defects, which were well-known to all parties," said Paul Patterson, co-CEO of Fujitsu's European division.

Machine Intelligence

Suno This looks like fun: use AI to generate songs.

Artisans bring AI tools to the workbench “Forward-thinking designers are willing to embrace the technology — without relinquishing human creativity’s central role.”

Everything Else




Tell us! Tell us! We've wondered for so long! Please, just...tell us WHY.


Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit.

Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

aburka “Every rule tells a story”

Joe “What's worse than being lost in a jungle maze? Tripping on mushrooms in a jungle maze.”

Sheryl 2 Crows

In your 40s you get Schrödinger’s Back, where it hurts because you moved it too much and also not enough.

KRTirtho/spotube 🎧 An open source Spotify client that doesn't require a Premium account, doesn’t use Electron, and is available for both desktop & mobile.

Bookshelf: Library & TBR Tracker An iOS app for tracking what you’re reading, managing your “to read” list, and taking notes and highlights.

Talented Artist Creates Funny Comic To Help Accept And Understand Transgender Experiences

More CEOs fear their companies won't survive as AI and climate challenges grow The money class is wising up to climate change:

An increasing number of CEOs — nearly a third — say climate change was expected to shift how they do things over the next three years.

More than three-quarters of the executives said they have begun or completed changes to increase energy efficiency, but only 45% noted that they have made progress on taking the climate risks into account in financial planning.

too many names

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